About Drakesbrook Guesthouse

The Guesthouse

The Drakesbrook Guesthouse is located in Waroona, approximately 110kms south of Perth, and operates as a guesthouse and Bed & Breakfast. It has 9 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 5 Toilets, 2 Dining Rooms, 2 Lounge Rooms, a Kitchen and a Laundry.

As well as an impressive array of rooms inside the house, the Drakesbrook Guesthouse also offers guests a large back verandah with 2 staircases, a paved BBQ area, beautiful gardens with water features, a powered workshop and a patio area.

The Drakesbrook Guesthouse has also hosted weddings and engagements, as well as birthday get togethers. Catering can be provided in-house, or you are more than welcome to arrange your own catering. Alcohol is BYO only.

Located across the road from the Waroona Town Oval, and within walking distance from the Waroona Town Centre, the Drakesbrook Guesthouse is conveniently placed, and with flexible check-in / check-out times and meal times when it suits you, there is no better accommodation in Waroona! Contact us today on 08 9733 1245 to experience all that the Drakesbrook Guesthouse has to offer you.


The History

The Drakesbrook Guesthouse was built in the 1930's by the Struck family and was originally called "Allendene", after Allen Struck, who died of pneumonic flu after the first World War.

In 1943, the building was purchased by the Sisters of the Order of Saint Joseph to be used as a nunery, and was converted to classrooms and music rooms.

1980 saw the building sold once more, this time to be renovated and extended as a guesthouse, and renamed, the "Drakesbrook Guesthouse".


The Mystery

Mystery surrounds the Drakesbrook Guesthouse, and we wouldn't have it any other way! Legend has it that there is a ghost which frequents the building, though not much is known about it. Few people claim to have seen it, and have reported that it is the ghost of a little girl, though we are yet to uncover the story behind this mystery.

As if the legend of a ghost wasn't enough, we have also discovered a void between two walls, which appears to measure 2m x 4m. The previous owners didn't even know it was there, and while no attempt has been made to find out why it exists, many suggestions have been put forward, providing a great topic of conversation between guests!


With no set check-in / check-out times, and meal times when it suits you, we really do offer you the most flexible accommodation in Waroona.


Just a stone's throw away from the Waroona town oval, and walking distance from the Waroona town centre, we offer the most convenient accommodation.

Contact us

Call us now on 08 9733 1245 to check availability or to book your stay with us.